Venango County LogoCITY DIRECTORIES –

1866-67; 1869 – Hodgman’s Gazetteer & Business Directory of the Oil region

1871-1872; 1872-1873 – Directory of the Oil Regions of Pennsylvania

Oil City –

1887-1888; 1889-1890; 1891-1892; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895; 1896; 1897; 1898 – Venango County Directory

1900; 1902; 1904; 1906-07

1910-11; 1912-13; 1914-15; 1916-17

1922-23; 1925; 1927

1930; 1933-34; 1936-37; 1938

1940; 1942; 1942-44; 1945-46; 1948; 1949-50

1951; 1952; 1954; 1955; 1956-57; 1957-58; 1959-60; 1961

With some omissions, the collection of Oil City Directories continues to the year 2014.

MAPS AND ATLASES Venango County does not have a county atlas, as such. However, in 1865, an ATLAS OF THE OIL REGIONS was published and covers the entire county.

          Atlas of Oil City, 1887

          Atlas of Oil City, 1915

          Atlas of the Oil Region of Pennsylvania, 1865

          Sanborn Map of Oil City, 1913

          Atlas of Clarion County, 1877

          Atlas of Crawford County, 1876

          Plus atlases of some surrounding counties

COUNTY HISTORIES– County histories of most counties in Pennsylvania: 1879, 1890, 1919, and 2000 County Histories of Venango County

PENNSYLVANIA HISTORY –Many books dating from 1846 through 1926 on the history of Pennsylvania

ITEMS OF SPECIAL INTEREST – Extensive photograph collection of people and local places

SURNAME FILE – Numerous files containing correspondence that has come from other genealogists. We have a thirty five year accumulation filed alphabetically by surname.

FAMILY HISTORIES – Bound and unbound volumes of genealogies that represent work already done on families. These range from brief transcripts to well documented multi-volume works.

MISCELLANEOUS FILES – Alphabetical files of newspaper clippings and miscellaneous information on a broad range of topics relating to Venango County and surrounding areas. These were contributed by former and current members of the Genealogy Club and the general public.

CHURCH RECORDS – A large collection of books relating to churches in Venango County and the surrounding areas. These range from histories of the local churches to some indexes of baptisms and marriages records. Check with the libraries, the Historical Society or the Genealogical Club to determine which records exist.

CEMETERY RECORDS – An extensive collection of tombstone readings from Venango County cemeteries.

CEMETERIES AND VITAL STATISTICS OF OTHER PENNSYLVANIA COUNTIES – We have information on some cemeteries in the following counties:  Armstrong, Butler, Centre, Clarion, Crawford, Forest, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer (Tombstone Inscriptions), Montgomery (Tombstone Inscriptions), Union (Tombstone Inscriptions),

Plus, Miscellaneous Obituaries from newspapers in Western Pennsylvania.