The word "FAMILY" written in vintage metal letterpress type sitting in a wooden drawer.

We owe what we are to those who have come before us…


$5.00 each plus a self-addressed stamped envelope. One stamped envelope can contain up to five obituaries. If the obituary can be sent as a pdf attachment to an email, the cost is 5.00.

Family Search/Room search:

We will search our room resources (see page 2) for an individual and provide copies of up to 20 pages for a $25.00 fee. Additional copies are $0.25/each.

Courthouse search:

A volunteer will travel to the Venango County Courthouse and search Wills, Property Records, Marriage Licenses, and other records, as applicable, for a fee of $25 (up to 2 hours) plus $0.50/page. If additional time at the courthouse is needed and approved then time will be billed at $15 per hour.  The cost of copies at the Courthouse is $0.50/page; we do not add additional charges for copies.